December, 2012

Awkward I Angelica Tells me

at: 70's design

Djurre de Haan, (aka Awkard I) is a talented singer songwriter hailing from Groningen, who has released two solo albums as well as the soundtrack for a number of successful dutch films. De Haan combines melodic depth, gripping poetry and underlying melancholy into skilful musical compositions. One of such is Angelica tells me, taken from his first album, I really should whisper, and played in vintage furniture shop "Seventies Design", situated on the nieuwe binnenweg, one of the most characteristic shopping streets of central Rotterdam.

Video: Margarita Kouvatsou

Sound: Rikke Korswagen

Production: Marlou de Rijke

Location: Seventies Design - a vintage design paradise

Situated on the upper half of the nieuwe Binnenweg, Seventies Design, is a 4-wall design paradise that can appease even the most demanding of design freaks. The shop has a big variety of furniture lamps and accessories and is one of the first  contributors to the recent revival of the multicultural shopping street.

Nieuwe Binnenweg 229/A

3021 GC Rotterdam

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