April, 2013

Herrek Drown

at: Emmahuis

This is the second out of a series of collaborations with the Popunie entitled Locals Only which features (as the title suggests) bands and artists from our native Rotterdam. Herrek, is a five piece band based around singer and guitarist Gerrit van der Scheer. They played for us "Drown" a number out of their debut album Waktu Dulu.

Video: Margarita Kouvatsou

Sound: Rikke Korswagen

Production: Marlou de Rijke

Location: Emmahuis

The Emmahuis on the schiekade (north Rotterdam) moved to its current location in 1935, after having been situated in the old historical centre of Rotterdam since it initial founding in 1681. It was used from 1983 on as a day care for children and is since 2013 a private apartment complex.

Schiekade 47

3033 BD Rotterdam

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