March, 2013

Jaimi Faulkner In The Morning Light She Goes

at: Russian schip, Lloydkade

Jaimi Faulkner is an Australian singer-songwriter living in Berlin, used to carrying his guitar wherever it brings him. So for this session he brought his guitar aboard a Russian crewed ship, laying anchored at the Lloydkade, Rotterdam on a cold day in Spring. There he played for us this touching version of "In The Morning Light She Goes". This song is taken from his new album 'Turn Me Around', which will be released on the 3rd of May in Paradiso, Amsterdam.

Video: Margarita Kouvatsou

Sound: Tim Kelly, Sander van der Gaag

Production: Marlou de Rijke

Location: Russian Ship, Lloydkade

The Lloykade is quay, but also a street in Delfshaven (an area of Rotterdam on the right bank of river Nieuwe Maas) which took its name, from former shipping company, Rotterdamsche Lloyd. The company used to fasten its ships on the adjoining pier, in the river Maas between the Schie and Sint Jacobs ports (Schiehaven and Sint Jobshaven).


3024 WX Rotterdam

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