February, 2013

Janne Schra Italian family

at: Van Nelle OntwerpFabriek

Janne Schra and the Red Limo String Quartet (Sietse van Gorkum, Camilla van der Kooij, Rani Kumar & Jonas Pap) played for us a grandiose version of "Italian Family" in the iconic Van Nelle OntwerpFabriek in Rotterdam.

Video: Margarita Kouvatsou
Sound: Eric Magnee, Tim Kelly, Sander van der Gaag

Location: Van Nelle OntwerpFabriek

The former Van Nelle Fabriek (van Nelle factory), situated at the Schie River in Rotterdam, is one of the prime examples of  the Nieuwe Bouwen style of Modernist Architecture in the Netherlands. Originally built between 1925 – 1931 and designed by architect Leendert van der Vlugt. The building functioned for most of  the 20th century as a factory, processing coffee, tea and tobacco and later on cigarettes. The operation stopped in 1996. Currently it houses a wide variety of new media and design companies and is known as the Van Nelle Design Factory. It is a Dutch National monument as well as a designated World Heritage Site since 2014.

Van Nelleweg 1

3044 BC Rotterdam

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