November, 2012

I Like Trains Mnemosyne

at: Schoonoord

The originally five piece alternative/ post rock band from Leeds, represented in its minimised form by singer David Martin and guitar player Guy Bannister, joined us for a walk in historical garden Schoonoord, and played a two guitar version of their song Mnemosyne, taken of their latest album "The Shallows" (2012).

Video: Margarita Kouvatsou

Sound:  Bart Hoevenaars

Production: Marlou de Rijke

Location: Schoonoord - A green Oasis in the heart of Rotterdam

Schoonoord, is a historical botanical garden originally built in 1706, as part of a private estate which later (1860) expanded to its present form designed by architect Jan David Zocher. The garden is a serene green oasis situated in the centre of the city and it accommodates, despite it’s limited size (1, 2 hectares ) a great variety of flora and fauna.

Kievitslaan 8

3016 CG Rotterdam

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