May, 2013

The Maydays The Pressure

at: Coolhaven

This is the third video for a series of collaborations with the Popunie entitled Locals Only which features (as the title suggests) bands and artists from our native Rotterdam. The Maydays play a unique mix of blues, indie and rock 'n roll but they rarely perform it this way! After their car broke down they hopped on a rusty old boat right across their rehearsal space in Coolhaven. They played for us the song "The Pressure" from their 2012 album MRK. II.

Camera & editing: Margarita Kouvatsou
Sound: Rikke Korswagen
Production: Marlou de Rijke

Location: Coolhaven - Sand and Gravel

Coolhaven is one of the many smaller harbours in Rotterdam. It was opened in 1922 in order to connect the Delfshavense Schie and the Nieuwe Maas. Nowadays it is a busy transport waterway for sand and gravel ships traveling to and from Delft and the Hague.

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