July, 2013

The Two Man Gentlemen Band Wash Them Hands

at: Restaurant De Pijp

The Two Man Gentlemen Band are an American tenor guitar and string bass duo performing songs with an distinctively pre-war American Jazz and Western Swing feel which they combine with of the wall contemporary hilarious lyrics.The former street artist formation joined us at "De Pijp", possibly the oldest restaurant in Rotterdam boasting a beer drinking tradition of 135 years and played the aptly titled "Wash Them Hands".

Camera & editing: Margarita Kouvatsou
Sound: Rikke Korswagen
Production: Marlou de Rijke

Location: Restaurant "De Pijp" -

The first version of restaurant de Pijp was built in 1898 but was destroyed during the Rotterdam bombing in 1940. The new renewed Pijp was built in August 15 of the same year. During the occupation years the restaurant provided the perfect location for secret student society meetings, a remnant of which are the numerous ties still hanging on its walls.

Gaffelstraat 90

3014 RM Rotterdam

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